The Long History of Hanks Insurance Group, Inc.


Hamp H. Hanks

H. H. Hanks Insurance Agency was founded in the 1920s in the lobby of the Powell State Bank by Hamp H. Hanks. As an officer of the bank, Hamp needed to insure homes and autos they financed. The easy way to get the job done was to do it himself.

The actual date the agency was founded is in some doubt. The Home Insurance Company of New York was represented by H. H. Hanks Insurance Agency in 1925, and that is the earliest record of the agency found to date.

For 30 years or more, Hamp operated the agency from the bank lobby and wrote primarily family insurance on autos and homes.


Aliene C. Hanks

In 1955, Hamp H. Hanks died, and his wife, Aliene C. Hanks inherited the agency. Aliene had worked in the bank with Hamp, but she had very little knowledge of the insurance business. It was a struggle for her to learn the business, pass the licensing test, and continue to provide family insurance to customers from the Powell area and eastern Navarro County.

Even though her start in the insurance agency business was difficult, Aliene saw the agency as a way to serve her community and earn some extra income as a single working mother. Her persistence and effort to learn the business and continue the agency paid dividends for 37 years. She was still active in the business until her death in 1992.


Dock C. Hanks

The current Hanks is Dock C. Hanks, the son of Hamp and Aliene Hanks. Interested in the family business, he majored in Finance with an emphasis on Real Estate and Insurance at Texas Tech University. He graduated with a BBA in 1967.

Dock continued his education in insurance and received his Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) designation in June, 1981. Later on, in 2001, he received his Certified Risk Manager (CRM) designation.

In 1967, after a few months as a Corsicana life insurance agent with Pan-American Life of New Orleans, Dock purchased the Frances M. Cushman Insurance Agency. He then started his Corsicana career in the property and casualty insurance business.

Later on, Dock purchased the Rosa George White Insurance Agency and the Willis Insurance Agency in 1969 and added the Gabe Goldburg Insurance Agency in 1973. In 1978, the combined agencies, known as Hanks & Co. Insurance and Bonding, began to market to contractors in North Texas, East Texas, and Central Texas.

The agency experienced steady growth until 1983 when Dock sold Hanks & Co. to the Corsicana Insurance Agency. After a year of working for the Corsicana Insurance Agency as a commercial account executive, Dock left Navarro County for a short time to operate an insurance agency in Austin, TX.

Between 1988 and 1992

In 1988, Aliene C. Hanks assumed ownership of an existing corporate insurance agency, Hanks Insurance Group, Inc. With Dock C. Hanks as President of that corporation, Aliene owned both agencies for four years prior to her death. Hanks Insurance Group, Inc. was based in Corsicana.

With his background in commercial insurance, Dock operated Hanks Insurance Group, Inc. as a commercial lines insurance agency in Corsicana. Aliene continued to operate H. H. Hanks Insurance Agency as a personal lines insurance agency in Powell.

In 1991, Aliene combined the two agencies in Hanks Insurance Group, Inc. and turned all day-to-day operations of the insurance agency over to her son, Dock C. Hanks in the Corsicana office.

Aliene was never far from the insurance business as she helped Dock place her customers with new companies. She was available for advice and support for agency management until her death.

Continuous Growth

The Hanks Insurance Group, Inc. agency started a period of steady and healthy growth in 1992 that continues up to the present. The agency had only a part-time employee in 1991.


Patrick A. Deem, Sr., CIC of Austin has served as a Vice-President of Hanks Insurance Group, Inc. since 1996, and Patrick brings such a wealth of insurance knowledge to the agency. In fact, insurance agents all over the United States attend classes taught by Patrick to learn more about commercial insurance.



Kathy York, Licensed Agent and Accredited Customer Service Representative (ACSR) came to work at Hanks in 1993. Today, she serves as the office manager and uses her 37 years of experience in the insurance business to help our clients any way possible.


Debbie Hanks, ACSR, was added to the agency in 1995. She has 24 years of experience in the insurance business. She handles the agency's accounting and also helps out in both Personal Lines and Commercial Lines. She has the knowledge and experience to help with your insurance needs.


Andrea Martinez, Licensed Agent, joined the agency in 2012. She is our Personal Lines expert and also assists with our Commercial Lines. She speaks Spanish and is a big help with the Spanish speaking customers


Catie Wilson, Accounting, came to Hanks in 2017. She handles our accounting and also assists Commercial Lines when needed. She is very efficient and able to help our customers in many ways.


Jan Richey, Licensed Agent, has worked for the agency before and helped in the summers when not teaching. She recently retired from teaching in 2018 and became our newest full-time employee. She assists with Commercial Lines and handles our Marketing.


We were recognized by the Independent Insurance Agents of Texas (IIAT) at a luncheon of the Dallas Association of Insurance Agents in February 2000 with the “Professional Development Award.”

This award recognized the fact that all office personnel of the agency had received an insurance industry professional designation, the Accredited Customer Service Representative or ACSR designation. At that time, Hanks Insurance Group, Inc. was one of only 80 or so agencies in Texas of the IIAT membership of well more than two thousand agencies to receive the award.

From the lobby of the Powell State Bank in the early 1920s, a family business in Navarro County has evolved. Now, Hanks Insurance Group, Inc. provides insurance services to clients all over Texas and in other states. That original one-man office has become an organization that includes four full-time employees and one part-timer along with our specialist in Austin.

Hanks Insurance Group, Inc. has served the insurance needs of families and businesses of Navarro County and Texas for more than 85 years. Our service continues to grow and spread around Texas.